Apple and competitor Meta are set to face off against each other in the smart home, wearables and augmented reality market.

Meta and Apple Set to Compete in the AR

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg expounded on the two tech giants’ initiative in the home Device, smartwatch and AR niche during his ‘Power On’ newsletter. Gurman mentioned that the rivalry between the two will ‘heat up’ as soon as they compete in the same space.

Meta is working on Project Cambria, a mixed reality headset product, while Apple is believed to be working on a mixed reality visor. Meta is also looking to enter the smartwatch market with its own product that incorporates communication and health features. Meta launched its own lineup of smart home products, called ‘Portal’ where Apple has been selling its HomeKit and HomePod products.

Finally, Gurman notes that Apple might be launching a set top box with speakers, as well as a device that offers similar features to the Amazon Echo Show soon.


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