Meta says Oculus Quest Pro still in the works

A Meta executive said that plans to launch a Quest Pro 2 is still possible.

In July there was a report that claimed that the Quest Pro 2 might be discontinued, stating that the company suspended the Pro headset lineup and stopped ordering components for the VR headset. Andrew Bosworth, Meta’s CTO gave a direct response to these concerns by posting on Instagram.

VR headset

Bosworth first said that ‘there’s a lot more to the story’, claiming that the report could be from an employee whose project was cut. He then explained that there are several prototype headsets in parallel development, and that the company chooses which is the right one. In some cases, the project gets shut down.

The same report says that Meta expects a high-grade headset will undergo demonstration with the codename Orion, and it’s due in 2024. A headset with the codename Artemis will have a public launch in 2027.