Microsoft adds M1 support for MS Office 365 Apps

Today Microsoft has revealed an update for its 365 Office apps which includes native M1 support for the Mac mini, MacBook Air, and M1 MacBook Pro.

OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Office should now be optimized to run faster on machines that run with Apple’s M1 chip. Microsoft said they made the app run on binary mode so the apps will continue to work on normal Intel chip-based Macs.


The M1 update should be rolling out starting today, and users can check theirs by going to the Mac App Store and clicking on ‘update’ or allowing it to run on its own.

Microsoft adds that they will be bringing M1 support to apps such as Teams. In the meantime, the company has worked on redesigning its productivity apps for the Mac with new ‘experiences’ for the OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

In similar news, Microsoft has launched a Visual Studio Code update to include M1 support.