Microsoft Edge for macOS Download Links Leaked

We thought it will never happen, but it did. A few days ago, Microsoft has sneaked in a teaser screenshot of Edge for macOS during their Microsoft Build keynote. The lack of release date or any other information gave the audience the idea that it was still on the drawing board and months away from fruition.

Microsoft Edge for macOS in Video

Microsoft Edge for macOS

Then, frequent MS leaker WalkingCat revealed the links for both canary and dev builds for those who want to experience Edge for their MacBooks.

After some testing, early adopters report that the Edge for Mac is comfortingly similar to its Windows counterpart in feature and functionality, including the keyboard shortcuts.

Edge will prompt you to sign up or log in with a Microsoft account. The ability to add Chrome and Microsoft extensions is a bonus for those who want customization options. What’s more, you can tinker around the experimental flags section and enable nifty features such as Dark Mode.