Microsoft launches iOS xCloud service through limited beta


Microsoft has recently launched its xCloud gaming service to the iOS via an invite-only beta program.

Microsoft Launches iOS xCloud Service

Microsoft before tried to launch the xCloud as an app but was blocked by the App Store guidelines set by Apple. The company bypassed restrictions by having their streaming platform on the Safari browser.

Mac, iPad and iPhone owners can soon play Xbox games on their devices using the Safari app. Currently, it’s on closed beta but should become more available to the public once testing is complete.

Select Xbox Ultimate members were invited to the closed beta. Microsoft mentioned that it will expand to all Ultimate subscribers in the upcoming weeks in a ‘continuous basis’ to 22 regions.

On the Android platform the xCloud app launched last August of 2020. It has more than a hundred games and joins Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia as an iOS game streaming service.


Samantha Wiley

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