Microsoft has acknowledged that its OneDrive service is widely used on Macs and recently announced a native support update soon.


The company posted on its blog that the update will allow the OneDrive Mac app to ‘run natively on Apple Silicon’. The update will arrive within the 22.022 build of OneDrive for Mac.

Users were given a teaser reveal in June last year. OneDrive Mac app users had to resort to Rosetta 2 to run an Intel-based OneDrive version with their Apple Silicon machines. It’s been nearly a year after a follow-up was announced to the public; however, the exact date on when the update will come is yet to be determined.

In similar news, competitors such as Dropbox are working to introduce native Silicon support for its cloud storage albeit at a later time. Since its unveiling in WWDC 2020 Apple has distributed developer kits to app developers so they could add native support to Apple Silicon.


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