Microsoft releases Autofill for macOS and iOS

Microsoft has recently outed Autofill as a direct competitor to Apple’s Keychain. Autofill is a password sync and storage system and can be added via Chrome extension and the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Autofill has some features that are the same as Keychain and other password managers. It can auto-insert password credentials and store them for use on services and apps. Users will no longer have to remember the passwords they have on subscriptions, accounts and logins- instead, all they need is to keep their Microsoft Account details in mind.


The Microsoft Authenticator app has recently been updated to support Autofill. After it’s set up users can start saving passwords on a Microsoft Edge browser for synchronization.

Mac users can try it by installing the Microsoft Autofill extension on the Chrome Web Store. However, it’s not the same as with Keychain because Keychain is system-wide and can be used on apps as well.