Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS gets new features

The iOS version of Remote Desktop has been updated with new features. The app, which allows the user to access his or her computer via another device such as their iPad or iPhone has recently received new features, notably Dark Mode and support for new Apple devices.

The app for iOS has been abandoned for more than a year, but it now seems to be making a comeback. Users can now manage their computers on newer Apple models such as the new-gen iPad and iPhone 11 and Dark Mode for iOS 13.

After pairing via IP address you can now access your Windows Desktop and system and use gestures, the mic, multi-touch controls and cameras. The app supports any PC computer running Server, Enterprise or Professional Windows.

Microsoft has assured iOS users that it will continue to provide support for the app. The full release notes can be viewed by going to the app at the App Store.

Microsoft Remote Desktop is free to download on compatible devices at the App Store. It’s also available on the Mac.

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