Microsoft removes Cortana support in Windows

Voice assistant Cortana is being pulled from the digital shelves in August.

Tech giant Microsoft started discontinuing the assistant in 2021 on mobile, and this month is looking to be the final goodbye. In a support document, Cortana will no longer gain support on Windows starting this month. Though the document failed to mention any more details, there’s no reason to delay the move any longer.


The removal of Cortana paves the way for Microsoft’s new partnership with OpenAI, resulting in Bing Chat. The Large Language Model chatbot technology works just like ChatGPT in that it can summarize sources and reply to complex questions with answers from the web.

Cortana joined other smart assistants in a wave about 10 years ago, including Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Now, it looks like Siri is the only smart assistant standing in the light of ChatGPT and generative AI chatbots.