Microsoft’s latest ad compares the Surface 7 Pro Versus the Apple iPad Pro

Microsoft has recently uploaded a video that compares the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 against Apple’s iPad Pro.

The ad starts with the kickstand feature of the Surface Pro and says that it’s absent from the iPad Pro. Apple’s keyboard is blasted as well due to being heavier than the Surface’s.

Microsoft went on to say how the iPad Pro only has a single USB C port while the Surface 7 Pro has several. A photo of a person holding a dongle and an iPad appears on the ad as a mock. The person also makes an argument on how the iPad Pro is ‘just a tablet’, while the Microsoft Surface is a ‘computer and tablet’.

The video ends with the person comparing the price- the 12.9 inch iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard tallies at around $1,348 while the Surface Pro 7 starts at $750, or $880 with the keyboard included.

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