Microsoft’s new ad video on YouTube promotes the Surface Pro 7, saying how it’s a ‘better choice’ versus Apple’s MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro

The ad, titled ‘Microsoft Surface Pro 7: The Better Choice’ puts the hybrid laptop/tablet against the 13 inch M1 MacBook Pro by Apple. The video shows off the product’s stylus and touchscreen and made mention on how it’s better than the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, as well as a lower price tag, detachable keyboard and how it’s better suited for gaming than Apple’s offering.

Pricing for the Surface Pro 7 with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage starts at $749.99, while the 13 inch M1 MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage starts at $1,299.

Microsoft has been constantly positioning its products, particularly the Surface lineup and how it’s an ideal device to provide both tablet and computer experience. The tech giant has a few ads that put the Surface lineup on a side-by-side versus the iPad, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.


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