Minecraft Earth Announces October Release Date


Thrilled with the idea of playing Minecraft in awesome augmented reality view around the neighborhood?

Minecraft Earth Announces October Release Date

If the WWDC demo got your blood pumping, then you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft has announced the official dates of release for Minecraft Earth.


Beginning October, Minecraft Earth will begin rolling out to select countries. The company hasn’t released country details yet, but it’s just a matter of being patient while keeping your eye at the App Store.

Minecraft Earth will have the following features:

Experience Creations. Players can build their own permanent creations via Build Plates. Choose to construct tabletop-sized environments or blow it up to life-sized scale.

Collaborative Multiplayer. Anyone can step in with a device that supports AR and has Minecraft Earth installed.

Adventures. Players can go out to the real world and explore small blocks called Tappables, and find Adventures, which are somewhat like quests you need to complete to progress.


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