Minecraft Earth Gets Early Access in the U.S

Minecraft Earth is Microsoft’s newest Minecraft game with an AR twist. Today, the game is now available as an Early Access in the United States on the iOS and Android platforms.

Minecraft Earth has undergone early testing in countries such as South Korea, Sweden, Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, Iceland, Canada, Australia and the UK. The augmented-reality title brings to the real world Minecraft creations and designs via tabletop mode. Users will also gain access to buildplates to make a diorama, and Tappables which can be found by going outside.

It works just like Pokemon Go in that players can quest together and complete in-game actions in real-world areas and locations, or battle mobs to survive and gather loot, equipment and materials.

The game may be downloaded at the App Store for free, though it contains an in-game currency called ‘Minecoins’ that may be bought by real money.

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