Minnesota bigwigs lobby for App Store and Play Store reform

A new bill has been introduced in Minnesota, which would allow developers to offer alternate in-app payments and the ability to sideload apps in the App Store.

A similar bill was proposed earlier in February in North Dakota, and now Minnesota and Arizona has followed suit. The anti-App Store bill did not pass the vote in North Dakota, claiming a 36-11 not in their favor.

App Store

The new Minnesota bill aims to give power to developers and not tech giants such as Google or Apple to determine what apps can stay in their respective digital stores.

Google and Apple did not comment on the new legislation. However, StarTribune mentioned that both companies are said to be opposing the Minnesota bill.

Arizona and Minnesota lawmakers will have to make a decision on whether to pass the bill or not. It’s safe to say that other states may be coming up with their own state bill shortly.