Mint condition and working Apple-1 to be auctioned November 1

A restored Apple-1 computer is set to hit the auction block at a sale come November 1.

The model set is in mint condition and also in working order. It includes the keyboard, monitor and motherboard, an owner’s manual Xerox copy, three wires and two cassette tapes. Experts say the computer has ‘many original or period-correct parts’.


One unique feature of the Apple-1 computer is that it sits atop a rare Koa wood case. Currently, there are only 6 Apple-1 units that are made from Koa wooden cases. It was originally bought by a professor, then bought by a student in 1977.

Apple-1 computers are quite rare, and when they go up to an auction block they usually command a huge sum of money. Just last year, a working unit sold for around $458,771, while in 2019 another model sold for $471,000.

The Apple 1 unit will be sold at the ‘Post-war & Contemporary Art+Design’ event on November