Mixer App skyrockets to #1 due to streamer ‘Ninja’ switching


The Mixer app had a huge jump to the top of the App Store list when former Twitch streamer ‘Ninja’ announced his departure for Microsoft’s live streaming platform.

Mixer App Skyrockets #1 Due to Streamer 'Ninja'

Within 24 hours of Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja announcing his move from Twitch to Mixer, the app went #1 at the App Store’s Free and Entertainment charts. Ninja’s Mixer channel acquired about 500,000 followers in just two days.

Mixer is Microsoft’s answer to Twitch, a popular live streaming platform. Here, people can earn money via audience donations, subscriptions or sponsorships from companies. The upsurge of downloads is a boon for the app, which was the smallest live game streaming provider compared to Twitch, Facebook and YouTube, which took up 72.2 percent, 5.3 percent and 19.5 percent of viewing hours in Q2 2019.

Twitch said in a statement that they loved watching the streamer and that they wish Ninja good luck on his future endeavors.

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