MLS Season Pass garners approximately 1 million subscribers

Sports Business Journal reported that the number of MLS subscribers are likely approaching one million.

Apple’s partnership with the MLS is believed to be a resounding success, with praises on both sides. The Cupertino-based company became the home to Major League Soccer games in 2022, securing a 10-year contract that extends to 2034. It’s just been five months since the first season started, but executives over at MLS are already pleased with the company’s ‘high quality production and full integration’ within the Apple ecosystem.


Don Garber, MLS Commissioner said that the contract is ‘truly a partnership’ and how the league could be ‘integrated in the Apple ecosystem’ to create a global offering to fans. Gary Stevenson, MLS business ventures managing director and deputy commissioner, shared the same sentiment, saying that multicast was quickly added when they ‘heard from fans’.

Apple TV+ subscribers can get a lower package deal on the MLS Season Pass at $79 per season or $12.99 per month.