Modded iPhone X with USB-C port appears on eBay

A student has worked for months replacing the default charging port of the iPhone X with a USB-C port, and the phone is now being auctioned off eBay.

Ken Pillonel bills his modded creation the ‘world’s first iPhone with a USB Type-C port’. The robotics student demonstrated the working iPhone X via an online video, then explained his ‘proof of concept’ that walks the reader through the steps of modifying an iPhone to get the USB-C port to fit.

The modded iPhone X is now currently in an eBay auction and has exceeded $800 in bidding. Pillonel says that the iPhone X with USB-C port is fully functional but doesn’t recommend it for daily use, for opening or erasing or updating. Pillonel says that the owner will be ‘free’ to do anything they want but he won’t be liable for damages or refunds.

The iPhone X launched in 2017 and has rounded corners, Super Retina and the A11 Bionic chip.

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