Modernize Your Front Door Lock with a HomeKit Smart Lock, Now $50+ Off


A smart lock is a great addition to your smart home setup, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Today, you can pick up the Yale Assure Lock SL for just $193.60, down more than $50 from its original price of $249 on Amazon.

Yale Assure Lock

Having Siri and HomeKit support is always good news since it allows you greater control over your security devices. The smart aspect comes in full force here- you can set the time on when you want to activate the lock every day for added safety. Manually, you can still enter the pin code on the touchscreen pad, and set up unique codes for friends and family members.

Being a smart device you can ask Siri to lock your front door with a voice command, something that brings peace of mind when you’re already late or need to go in a hurry but can’t remember if you locked it. At nearly 23% off you can achieve better front door security with the Yale Assure Lock SL today.

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