MOFT launches its MagSafe Wallet to take on Apple’s version

Apple opened up a whole new world of opportunity for accessory makers when it launched MagSafe on the iPhone 12. The company itself announced a plethora of accessories for MagSafe such a wallet, cases, and a lot more.

MOFT, a company that has been making accessories for the iPhones for a very long time now, is launching its own MagSafe wallet. It is already on sale for $30 (USD) which makes it $20 cheaper compared to Apple’s MagSafe wallet.

Packs more than Apple’s MagSafe Wallet

MOFT’s MagSafe wallet can carry three cards, similar to Apple’s equivalent. However, it also packs in a kickstand which can be used in both landscape and portrait mode. MOFT likes to call its kickstand mode as “float mode” which is a good name. Its interesting to note that, the product that costs $20 less than Apple’s version packs in a lot more.

MOFT launches its MagSafe Wallet to take on Apple’s version

Apple’s MagSafe wallet is made of “European leather” whereas MOFT’s version is made of “Vegan leather”. It’s difficult to point out the differences between the two without having had any hands-on session with either of the two. Nonetheless, one thing is clear: MOFT’s case is not made from animal skin, as the name suggests. It’s vegan friendly.

The Verge notes that MOFT’s MagSafe Wallet is very similar to the pre-existing X Phone stand. However, the new version uses Apple’s MagSafe mechanism to hold onto the back of the iPhone 12 models (and future MagSafe supported devices). The previous model X Phone stand used adhesive to remain stuck to the back of the iPhone.

MOFT says, its MagSafe Wallet has magnets on both the sides which means users will be able to stick the iPhone to metal surfaces. The accessories maker is also selling magnetic sticky pads for $10 separately; however, if bundled with the case, it will cost only $5.

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