Game developer Niantic will be partnering with Capcom to produce the augmented reality RPG ‘Monster Hunter Now’.

Monster Hunter Now

‘Monster Hunter Now’ will be themed after the popular console Monster Hunter franchise and features players going out to find augmented reality monsters to battle. Real-world areas can have Monster Hunter staples, including Great Izuchi, Pukei-Pukei, and Rathalos, among others. The iPhone camera will reveal the monster, and multiplayer mode is available as well. In addition, the monsters can be brought home and fought from there.

Once defeated, the monster gives up components that can be used to forge armor, weapons, and accessories. Niantic said that players will be able to ‘enjoy the game at their own pace’, which could mean that the notoriously steep learning curve might be lowered for casual users.

‘Monster Hunter Now’ is set to launch in September this year, with Niantic accepting closed beta test registration which will start on April 25.


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