More details about Apple’s folding iPhone surface

Recent patent filings allow Apple enthusiasts to get a sneak peek into Apple’s upcoming foldable iPhone.

Historically, Apple has submitted several filings in what’s believed to be the folding iPhone, and there are a few that’s already been granted. The Cupertino-based company recently expanded upon one such patent, the ‘electronic devices have sliding expandable displays’, which describe a doubling down on details and expanding some key parts. The core idea remains the same.

Apple’s Folding iPhone Surface

Apple mentioned in the filing how a device could have rear and front faces, like a book or two separate screens on either side. Drawings reveal how the folding phone will have an expanding mechanism where a hidden screen is shown.

The filing made mention that it was created by three inventors, one of which is Michael Wittenberg, whose work includes geared hinges on the iPhone.

Submitted patents provide a glimpse of what a company might be planning for the future, but there’s a possibility that the design or project could be scrapped.