Recent filings with the Department of Motor Vehicles in California reveal that Apple is ramping up its number of registered drivers to test the company’s self-driving vehicles.

Apple’s Self-Driving Vehicles

Apple continues to advance its self-driving car technology. In August, the Cupertino-based company had 92 pilots and 69 test cars, which increased to 114 registered drivers as of September. It hasn’t reached the 154 driver permits in October last year but there are signs that Apple is slowly rebuilding after slashing its numbers nearly by half this year.

Apple is third to GM Cruise and Waymo, which have 201 and 606 autonomous vehicles, respectively in California. Waymo has 34 driverless permits and vehicles, while Apple has yet to have one. DMV reports show that Apple has had a total of 5 collisions this year but there were reports that the other car was at fault, or that Apple’s self-driving system was shut off during the time.


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