Mozilla Gives A First Look on Apple News+ Competitor

Firefox web browser creator Mozilla is on the cusp of launching their paid news subscription service that’s similar to Apple News+

Firefox users are getting a preview of the paid news service, which hasn’t been named yet. The ‘Firefox Ad-free Internet’ promises a better online journalism experience and is set to be launched later this year.

Mozilla is partnering up with Scroll to offer the subscription-based service. The startup software is still in beta but claims it already has access to Buzzfeed, The Verge, Gizmodo, and Vox. The ad-free service includes news recommendations, synced bookmarks, audio articles, and an app focused on delivering news.

Mozilla is saying that the service will be tied to the user’s Firefox account, therefore making it available on virtually any device that could open the company’s web browser.

The page states that the monthly service is $4.99 per month, a full $5 cheaper than what Apple News+ is offering.

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