Mozilla releases Firefox 87 and ‘SmartBlock’ feature on Mac

Mozilla has recently released a new version of its Firefox browser for Linux, Windows and Mac, with a notable feature called ‘SmartBlock’.

‘SmartBlock’ is a private browsing feature that uses an intelligent blocking mechanism. The company has a built-in ad blocker for third party images, scripts and others from cross-tracking entities whenever Strict Tracking Protection and Private Browsing is used.

In any case, legitimate elements are sometimes blocked, which may cause it to not fully function. SmartBlock is the solution to avoid these things from happening while enabling a more private browsing experience.

Mozilla says ‘SmartBlock’ works like a stand-in for blocking tracking scripts while allowing the original ones to ensure the site loads and works as intended. Previous versions of Firefox had Total Cookie Protection, which stops cookies from following a user around the world wide web.

Firefox 87 is now available to download as an update on the official Mozilla website or in-browser in Settings.

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