‘Mulan’ early access available for iOS and Disney+ subscribers

Disney’s live action movie ‘Mulan’ is set to debut in theaters this 2020, but the company will now be offering it as an in-app purchase for $29.99 on iOS, Roku and Android platforms.

The Disney+ website was updated to show its partnership with Roku, Apple and Google for the showing of ‘Mulan’ as it premieres September 4. On the splash page, it’s revealed that the content will only be available to Disney+ subscribers.

As for distribution, a Disney spokesperson said the Premier Access pass will become available through official channels- on iOS, the movie can be bought on the iOS Disney+ app via in-app purchase system.

Disney originally planned for the movie to premiere in theaters, but then changed stances and began offering it as a digital download across popular platforms. They also intended to sell primarily to the Disney+ website, but that was changed as well.

‘Mulan’ will be available to purchase along with Premier Access on September 4.

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