Multi-Stop routing to arrive on iOS 16 Apple Maps

The newest iteration in iOS 16 could bring a long-requested feature for Apple Maps.

Apple Maps is set to receive some notable improvements, particularly a multi-stop routing on the navigational app. A preview is available for those who wish to participate in the public beta version of iOS 16.

iOS 16 Apple Maps

Multi-stop routing allows users to add several stops along a set driving route in Apple Maps. Mac users can also do the same and have it sync with their iPhones.

Furthermore, transit fares, which show you the overall journey cost and transit cards, which allow you to add cards and replenish balance, have been added. Plus, a new accessibility feature gives haptic feedback and automatic sound in VoiceOver has been integrated.

Apple mentioned that iOS 16 Apple Maps will expand to countries such as Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Palestinian Territories, New Zealand, Netherlands, Monaco, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Israel, France and Belgium during the 2022 WWDC keynote.