Apple has updated Shazam, a music discovery app with a widget that allows users to control it on the iOS home screen.

iOS 14

Widgets have made an appearance in iOS 14, and Shazam is the latest app to have support for it. Users can add a large, medium or small widget to the home screen to check for recent song discoveries.

Tapping on the widget and the song opens the app and straight to the song’s details page. There’s also an added functionality where users can ask the app to help them with a song by tapping the top right part of the icon.

The latest update in Shazam saw a major overhaul in design and improved notification and syncing on offline and missed Shazams. A web tool was also made available on

Shazam was acquired by Apple in 2017 and integrated in the company’s iOS, Apple Music and Siri platform. It’s free to download at the App Store.


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