Music Memos app to be replaced with Voice Memos

Apple’s Music Memos app, which allows songwriters and musicians to record song ideas quickly is set to be retired soon. Since its launch in 2016 there have been very few update and additions.

An Apple support document says that the app may no longer be downloaded after March 1, 2021 but it will still remain accessible for use.

Music Memos App

Furthermore, Apple recommends moving recordings to Voice Memos to ensure data preservation and is now endorsing Voice Memos as the new go-to music recording app.

Music Memos has received an update which brings it up to version 1.0.7, with a new feature that allows for exporting to Voice Memos. The app description is similar and lets individuals export music ideas directly to GarageBand.

Users will need at least iPadOS 14 on the iPad and iOS 14 on the iPhone to be able to export files from Music Memos to Voice Memos, as well as the latest versions of both apps.