Mystery Rainbow Spotted Inside Apple Park [Video]

Drone video shows a mysterious rainbow structure found right at the stage area in Apple Park.

The footage, captured by Duncan Sinfield showed several stages being set up and space being cleared for hundreds of people. Earliest reports surmise that the event is an employee-only affair to keep employees happy, while others expect it to be a celebrity talk program, an awards ceremony or an internal anniversary.

Apple Park in Video

An AppleWeb interview with Jony Ive, Apple design chief, revealed an event that’s set to become live on May 17. The rainbow Apple stage will apparently be part of the celebration for the opening of Apple Park and in honor of the late Apple co-founder Steve Job.

Jony Ive’s creation was crafted using six arch segments with smooth-curved top and bottoms. The seamless aspect was covered by using a polycarbonate liner, while a UV-resistant coating protects the colors from fading under the sun’s rays.

It’s said that the rainbow will be taken down after the May 17 program, but considering how the colorful creation has been thoughtfully designed, we’ll probably see it again on future events.

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