N-Controller app for Netflix games launches on iOS

Streaming service Netflix has launched a game controller app on iOS.

Recent rumors claim that Netflix will be spreading its games on set top boxes such as the Apple TV and smart TVs when code for the controller app was discovered. Now it looks like the plan is coming to fruition with the N-Controller app. The only downside is that the games haven’t arrived on TVs themselves.

N-Controller App

Users who download the app will be met with a message ‘coming soon to Netflix’, accompanied by ‘Play games on your TV with the Netflix Game Controller’ as listed on the app description. The free game controller app has launched in the App Store worldwide but not in the Play Store. The Netflix app on smart TVs and set top boxes do not have games available at the moment, but they might arrive on the platforms soon.

Downloading a Netflix game can be done by signing in to the app on the device.