National Garden of American heroes to memorialize Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-founder of Apple will be memorialized in the National Garden of American Heroes in the form a statue once the park is constructed.

An executive order was given to create a statuary park where it will reflect the splendor of the country’s timeless exceptionalism. The order also mentioned that both young and old citizens alike are free to visit and ‘renew their vision of greatness’, which was the challenge by Trump in his first Congress speech.

The order has a list of statues to be constructed, which were chosen for their embodiment of the American spirit. The list includes Steve Jobs and many notable figures such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Martin Luther King Jr., Billie Holiday, Johnny Cash, Albert Einstein and the Wright Brothers, among others.

The order also mentioned that the Secretary of the Interior will be funding the project as well as choosing the location for the garden. It has a deadline of July 4, 2006, marking the Declaration of Independence’s 250th anniversary.

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