At the Sun Valley Allen & Co conference in Idaho, two major sports league commissioners have voiced out the possibility that technology can enhance games and make it more attractive to viewers.


NBA commissioner Adam Silver has suggested a ‘more lean-in experience’ for sports entertainment, including player stats, alternate camera angles, statistics and possible avenues regarding virtual or augmented reality. Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL plans to use technology to track ticket sales and ensure the fans enjoy a positive experience.

The simple addition of Wi-Fi can enhance the stadium experience. League details, concessions and memorabilia can be added via official apps per league. Moreover, smartphone platforms can give visitors pertinent information, such as where the nearest entrance or exit is, powered by beacons and local positioning data.

The idea of legalizing sports betting can also bring about a level of engagement like never before. Apple does allow gambling apps as long as the company can produce the necessary permits and licenses.


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