Netflix broadens multiple household password sharing crackdown

Streaming service Netflix announced that it will start rolling out password sharing among multiple households ‘more broadly’ in Q1 2023.

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix mentioned that account sharing slows down the company’s ability to improve and invest in its service. The streaming platform also said that the change will affect ‘members who share their account more broadly.’


Netflix built additional features to improve the experience, including profile transfers and paid sharing in many countries. Users can pay extra if they wish to share their Netflix accounts with those who aren’t in their homes.

Add-on payments have already arrived in Latin American countries- there’s an extra charge of $3 for non-household users. In a December report by the Wall Street Journal, the company is likely to charge $6.99 in the US for account sharing. Netflix will try to detect remote members via account activity, IP addresses, and device IDs.