Netflix could be making a game subscription service of its own

There are reports that Netflix is planning to launch its own Apple Arcade-style gaming service that are exclusive to Netflix subscribers.

Recent rumors suggest that the streaming service is looking to have its own gaming platform when they began recruiting game industry bigwigs. Capitalizing on the news, it’s said that Netflix may be making a game adaptation of its show ‘Stranger Things’ and running a smaller ‘Apple Arcade’ on the side.


Additionally, rumors suggest that the game platform is in early stages and won’t probably launch until the year 2022. The library could be a unique collection of games from Netflix exclusives and may be ad-free in the process.

Netflix has not made any announcements regarding its foray into the gaming industry. In the most recent report, the streaming service is in 50 percent of US homes but is facing competition from Apple TV+, Disney+, Amazon Prime and others. Recently a representative said how they’re excited to ‘do more with interactive content’.