Netflix games on smart TVs under limited beta test

Netflix games may be soon coming to smart TVs, as it’s currently under beta testing phase as announced by the company.

Just last week a game controller for the app was revealed, which means that the streaming service is planning to introduce its games section into the smart TV platform. During that time, there were no games to be found on smart TV models and set top boxes like the Apple TV device, but that could change soon.

Netflix Games on Smart TVs

Netflix said that its mobile games will be under a limited beta test to a small group in the UK and Canada, as well as several Macs, PCs, and smart TVs.The trial games are ‘Molehew’s Mining Adventure’ and ‘Oxenfree’, and the beta testers will have access to the controller app when playing on smart TVs. For computers, the testers can opt to use their mouse and keyboard. Netflix did not say when the games will appear for the public.