Netflix lays out Ad-Supported plan prices

Bloomberg reports that streaming giant Netflix is planning to launch an ad-supported tier that costs around $7 to $9 per month.

In the United States, the lowest entry point is 480p streaming for $9.99 per month, and the next tier is $15.49 monthly for HD streaming. The highest is $19.99 monthly for 4K content. That said, the lower ad-supported plan is for those who do not wish to pay $9.99 monthly and don’t mind seeing ads every now and then.


Bloomberg adds that the ads will be shown during and before movies and TV shows, and around 4 minutes of advertising in an hourly manner. In addition, it will have restrictions such as non-offline viewing and not allowing the users to download content.

Netflix intends to introduce a cost-friendly tier in limited markets before 2022 ends, but it’s believed that the complete rollout and integration won’t happen until 2023.