Netflix may not be interested in a Vision Pro app

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said that Netflix is not likely to develop a native app for the upcoming Vision Pro.

In the latest ‘Power On’ newsletter, Gurman claimed that Netflix ‘has no current plans’ to create an app for the mixed reality headset. However, there will still be an app for Netflix as Apple says developers can easily convert their iPad apps for the Vision Pro. Currently, the streaming service offers an AR experience in other platforms, including for Meta and its Quest lineup.


The launch of Vision Pro will spur developers to create immersive apps for it. However, it seems that Netflix has declined to make a custom or native app for the Apple headset. Despite the absence of a native Netflix app, others will be making a more concentrated effort. Disney recently confirmed that it will launch 3D interactive experiences, such as 3D sporting event replays and Star Wars content for the Disney+ app.