Netflix Password Sharing Stops in 2023

Streaming service Netflix will start cracking down on non-household password sharing next year.

The company recently revealed that a hundred million viewers access the service using passwords from family members and friends. Before, Netflix allowed it but has made plans to end password sharing.


Netflix considered implementing a pay-per-view access to try and discourage sharing, but has turned around and instead will be updating its interface to a streamlined one.

The exact details and mechanism of password-sharing curbing are yet to be revealed, and users will probably not know until the start of next year. On the official Netflix site, the Help Center says that accounts may only be shared for those who are living together. From there, the company may monitor users’ account activity, device IDs, and IP addresses, to probably try and curb sharing of passwords.

In similar news, Netflix recently added an ad-supported tier, as well as a transfer profile feature.