Netflix subscriptions rise after ban on password sharing

Streaming giant Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown has produced favorable results as subscription numbers rise.

Antenna reported that Netflix enjoyed a significant rise in user acquisition in the US after the company began warning shared accounts. The analytics company cited that Netflix had around 100,000 account sign-ups on May 26 and 27. Average daily sign-up has risen to 73,000, a 102% increase for the last two months. The sign-ups are notably higher than the sign-up numbers when the pandemic hit three years ago.


As for cancellations, it’s reported that the rates increased to 25.6 compared to the average from the previous two months. While the numbers do certainly benefit Netflix, it’s worth noting that the data came from a third-party source and that the rates might be different.

Netflix sent a notice to users who have shared accounts, pointing to the ‘add member’ option for an extra $7.99 a month.