Netflix to add ‘Downloads for You’ soon on iOS

Netflix has recently announced a new feature, ‘Downloads for You’ which allows users to get movies or TV shows they can watch even when there’s no internet connection.

The shows and movies Netflix will download will be based on the user’s personal tastes, watch history and recommendations. Activating the feature means the user won’t have to rely on an internet connection to consume Netflix content.


Under the ‘Downloads’ section, users can choose how much space they want to allocate for downloaded content, e.g., 1, 3 or 5GB. A new pop-up will introduce the feature, with a button to ‘Turn On’ and allocate space with a plus or minus button.

‘Downloads for You’ is already out and available for Android users. For the iOS, there’s no timeframe but Apple users should be getting it soon. To see the update it’s recommended that you update the app to the latest version.