Netflix to release new ‘Shuffle Play’ option this year

Netflix has recently announced that testing of its ‘Shuffle Play’ feature has been well-received and intends to make it available to all users this year.

With ‘Shuffle Play’, users can quickly watch a movie or TV show based on their viewing history without having to browse through content.

‘Shuffle Play’ is expected to appear on the left side of the Netflix home screen. Clicking on ‘Try It Now’ will activate the personalized algorithms within the app and show content that it thinks the viewer will like.

Currently, testing is only done on TVs but the feature’s name is not yet finalized. Furthermore, there’s no set date on when it will be available but Netflix says it will be launched before Q3 this year.

‘Shuffle Play’ is just one of the features Netflix developed to promote viewership. In 2019 the company rolled out ‘Play a Popular Episode’ on mobile so they won’t have to scroll through the series.

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