16-inch MacBook Pro likely to release soon


The fact that Apple is working on a new 16 inch MacBook Pro has been reported by multiple trusted sources by now. The amount of information we have been receiving about the product makes it unofficially “official”. We know that the product will definitely be released but the information regarding its release date has been fluctuating a lot.

16-inch MacBook Pro likely to release soon

It was initially reported by Kuo, the noted Apple analysts who works KGI Securities, that Apple will release the 16 inch MacBook Pro at its October event. However, later on Kuo in a different report said that, the company is now planning to release the 16 inch MacBook Pro in the first half of 2020.

Its Techtober!

16-inch MacBook Pro likely to release soon
15″ MBP on the left vs 16″ MBP on the right

People planning to buy a MacBook have been left in a lurch with multiple questions popping in their heads. The new beta build of macOS Catalina 10.15.1 seems to be their saviour; the OS contains graphic icons of a new, bigger MacBook Pro with smaller bezels. These icons largely confirm the fact that the release of the 16 inch MacBook Pro is closer than we thought so.

Apple usually hold its Mac/iPad event in the last week of October and the company is known for sending invites at-least ten days prior. Well, the company could be tweaking its policies a little as we at iLounge strongly believe that Apple will introduce new MacBooks with reliable keyboards.

Bye bye, buttefly! Fly away please

MacBook Scissor Switch Keyboards

At present, Apple is under fire for making its extremely unreliable keyboards for its laptops. Also, many MacBook users complain about the less amount of travel the keys have to offer and that the keys make a lot of noise compared to the standard scissor mechanism keyboards.

Apple is reported to be adding a new scissor mechanism keyboard to all its upcoming MacBooks and given the situation the company is in now, it would make sense to release new laptops this year and not postpone it by another year.


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