New Ad-Tracking Solution Available For Preview On Safari Browsers

Apple has revealed a new ad tracking feature for the Safari that provides ad campaign metrics without sacrificing the user’s privacy.

Apple proposes a new solution where cross-tracking engines aren’t used and still allow websites and advertisers a glimpse on where a particular ad was placed and when a visitor clicks the ad and buys a product.

Privacy considerations for Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution includes options to turn the feature on or off anytime, disabling of ad click attribution while in Incognito mode, non-acceptance of cookies, basic authentication or client certificates, restricting possible cross-site tracking and ad storing for limited timeframes, ad click request delays for 24 to 48 hours and ad attribution data availability on first-party pages, among others.

Apple has made this Safari feature available under the develop menu of Safari Technology Preview 82 upwards. Interested Safari users must enable it, then navigate to Experimental Features to turn the privacy-focused browser ad tracking on.

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