New AirPods Max firmware launched

Apple has outed a new firmware for its high end audio device, the AirPods Max.

Firmware version 3E756 marks the second iteration, with 3C16 being the default and followed by firmware 3C39. Currently, there aren’t any patch notes or information on what the new firmware does but it’s usually to fix any issues, improve performance and enable new features. The last firmware update was made to fix the battery drain issue AirPods Max owners were experiencing.

AirPods Max

AirPods Max owners may not manually force their devices to update with the latest firmware as it happens without any input. It’s possible to get it sooner by connecting the headphones to an iPhone, then charging the smartphone.

AirPods Max owners can check their firmware version by going to the iPhone’s Bluetooth, then Settings and tapping on the AirPods Max. It’s recommended to wait until the firmware rollout is completed before taking further action.