New Android Fast Pair interface looks similar to iOS


Tech giant Google has recently updated its Fast Pair feature to mimic the one Apple has.


Fast Pair was introduced in 2017 and showed a thumbnail notification when users wanted to pair their Bluetooth headphones on their Android mobiles. A tap on the sign will serve as an acknowledgment to start the pairing and confirm the request.

The feature has been updated today and now has a tall sheet appearing from the bottom. The Bluetooth device’s name is centered and with a ‘connect’ option to it. Afterwards, users can ‘close’ or ‘setup’ depending on what they need.

Google has made Fast Pair come up automatically when a supported accessory is detected. Android makes use of a compact notification showing the battery percentage, as well as re-pairing options on tablets and phones with the same Google account.

Google added a slew of features to coincide with the Pixel Buds, including button customization, low battery alerts and Find My Device.

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