New animated Snoopy watch faces appear in watchOS 10 beta

New Snoopy watch face animations have been discovered in the watchOS 10 beta 4 software.

Animated watch faces seem to be a feature that will be introduced in watchOS 10. Developers have shared some images of new watch faces that show characters in ‘Charlie Brown’, and they’re not just images or illustrations. Apparently, the characters can interact with the hands of the block, reacting to it and even getting knocked down when the hands reach them.

Snoopy Watch Faces

It’s believed that Woodstock and Snoopy are the only ones in the software, but there could be more characters in the future. Currently, watchOS beta is undergoing its fourth developer iteration, with a public beta release to be launched shortly. Apple might introduce new animated characters or even figures from its Apple TV+ lineup.

watchOS 10 for Apple Watch may be launching in September or October, alongside the latest iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and macOS iterations.