New App Store Ad placements in effect

Apple’s long-awaited ad placement is now live, and developers can choose to have their ads placed on app product pages for a fee.

The Cupertino-based company has been exploring the option of new ads on its App Store, and after months of testing, it’s finally live.

New App Store

Two more sections recently appear on the platform- the Today tab, where curated app collections, interviews, and news appear, and the ‘You May Also Like’ section, which is found at the lower part of product pages. Before, there were only two- after a search is done, and also before a search can be completed.

Apple is getting a lot of money from ads in the App Store. Developers can choose to be featured to get more views and exposure, and even be shown on their competitor apps’ pages if they want to. Recently, the company has received backlash over its push into advertising while promoting privacy.