New App Store rule for App tracking transparency revealed

Apple has published a new update for its App Store guideline, which changes many existing rules and adds one for App Tracking Transparency for iOS 14.5.

The new rule will require app developers to explicitly ask for permission before they can track the user’s activity. This is something that Apple has been wanting to do since iOS 14. Now that it’s active the rule will be enforced when iOS 14.5 rolls out.

In line with the App Tracking Transparency the Cupertino-based company has highlighted its Private Click Measurement and SKAdNetwork 2.2. APIs, which will become available to developers who are looking for less invasive tracking mechanisms.

Private Click Measurement allows ad networks to check ad clicks in iOS apps in a privacy-centric manner, while SKAdNetwork 2.2 gives developers a way to measure ad effectiveness and display without compromising user privacy.

The rest of the new update includes rule clarifications, wording tweaks and changes. It can be viewed on Apple’s official developer page.

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