New Apple Authentication Is ‘Better Than Passwords’, According To Google


Apple has announced a new way to log in during the WWDC 2019. ‘Sign in with Apple’ is rated as better than using passwords, as stated by Google’s authentication chief. In a way, choosing the Apple button is more preferable than having to type in your username and password and tapping on Log In.

Sign in with Apple

Apple’s foray into authentication puts it in competition with already existing ones by Facebook and Google. Opting in with Apple Sign In gives users the ability to create a clean slate that’s devoid of identifying data, thereby minimizing 3rd party tracking and others.

In an interview with Mark Risher, product management director for Google, he said that having this kind of technology is better for the internet and protects people more than using a recycled username and password. On a user’s perspective, a quick authentication process offers a better app experience as they can just use Google, Facebook or Apple information to get access.

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